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What personal data do we collect and for what purpose


When a visitor leaves a comment on a website, we collect data in the specified form of a comment, as well as the IP address of the visitor and data from the user-agent browser with the aim of defining spam.

You can use the Gravatar service to determine if you are using it. Privacy Policy Gravatar available here: After approving a comment your picture from your profile will be visible publicly in the context of your comment.

Media files

If you are a registered user and download images from the website, then perhaps you should avoid downloading images from EXIF metadata because they may contain data about your location from GPS. Guests may derive this information by downloading images from the website.


When you leave a comment on our website, you can add preserve your name, address, email and website cookie. This is done to your convenience, so you don’t have to fill in the data again for a second time. These cookies are stored for one year.

If you have an account on the site and then come there, we install a temporary cookie to set support Cookies in your browser Cookies do not contain personal information and are deleted when you close the browser.

When you log into an email account, we also install some cookies with data, enter and screen settings. Cookies at the entrance are stored for two days, cookie settings on the screen-for a year. If you select the “Remember Me” option, the data input will be saved within two weeks. When leaving the account, log in to delete cookies.

When editing or publishing an article in your browser is stored extra cookies, It contains no personal data and contains only ID records отредактированной, expires 1 day.

Встраиваемое content other websites

Articles on this website may contain встраиваемое content (e.g. videos, images, articles, etc.), such content behaves in the same way as if a guest switched to another website.

These sites may collect data that you use cookies to administer additional tracking by a third party and monitor your interaction being embedded with content, including any interaction occurring with stalking, if you have an account there and you have logged in to that site.

How long do we store your data

If you leave a comment, then comment yourself and its metadata will be stored for a vaguely long time. This is done in order to identify and approve subsequent comments automatically, rather than having them queue for approval.

Registering users on our website, we keep this personal information that they refer to in their profile. All users can view, edit or delete their profile information at any time (apart from a username). The Administration website can also see and edit this information.